Case Studies – NASA

NASA Reached Out to Us

The Problem:

NASA contacted us to see if we could help in the machining of a tricky composite material that they use for research and development. NASA had tried to machine the composite using multiple techniques with no success.

The Challenge:

Because of the very abrasive nature of the material used in this project, and the special geometry of the machining that NASA required, it took a very difficult machining method to achieve the best results.

The Solution:

JMJ Profile engineered a unique method to machine the tricky composite material accurately and to the high quality standard that NASA was looking for to complete the project.

The Success:

NASA was able to receive the parts they needed and was able to complete and continue it’s research and development in a time sensitive manner and complete their research. A copy of their thank you letter follows below.


Materials: CNC Machined Phenolics | Services: CNC Routing, Drilling

… Without his Support, the Advanced Aerospace Systems Branch would not have been as productive and effective as it has at maturing and delivering technology. His outstanding contributions have helped our branch produce meaningful results for NASA and our nation. Joe is a key and valued member of our research team and his significant contributions are to be commended.

Robin Schlecht

Aerospace Engineer, NASA Langley Research Center


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