G10 FR4 Materials

G10/FR4 Electronic AssemblyG10 FR-4 is a widely used thermosetting, fiberglass industrial-laminate made from continuous filament glass cloth material in an epoxy resin binder. Its characteristics include a high strength to weight ratio and excellent electrical insulating properties. It’s also flame retardant with excellent chemical resistance, stable up to 285° F and has a very low water absorption rate. This makes it perfect for use in a wide range of climate conditions and product applications. It is particularly popular for use in electrical components.

G10 FR4 can be machined into parts with clean, smooth and crisp features. It can also be machined to very tight tolerances, then hold them overtime. Learn more about our G10 FR4 Machining Capabilities. As a point of clarification, while the name G10 FR4 is still commonly used, FR4 is actually a more recent, fire retardant version of the original G10. FR4 has since replaced G10 in most applications.

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Also see: Mil-I-24768/27

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