Materials G10 non FR

G10 non FR

Product Description

G10 non FR – Laminate sheet comprised of a halogen free epoxy resin binder and a woven fiberglass substrate. It qualifies to NEMA G10 and MIL-I-24768/2.

Typical Applications

This material exhibits high mechanical strength and electrical insulating qualities under both dry and humid conditions. Its ease of fabrication allows its use in many structural and cryogenic applications where halogenated compounds may be undesireable..

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Typical Properties Typical Value Units
Physical Data
Specific Gravity 1.85
Water Absorption-.125″ < 0.1 %
Temperature Index 140 \ 284 °C \ °F
Rockwell Hardness 110 M scale
Bond Strength > 2,200 \ 1,000 LBS \ kgs
Flexural Strength-LW-A-.125″ > 65,000 \ 448 PSI \ MPa
Flexural Strength-CW-A-.125″ > 50,000 \ 345 PSI \ MPa
Izod Impact Strength-LW > 10 ft-lbs/in
Izod Impact Strength-CW > 8 ft-lbs/in
Compressive Strength-Flatwise > 60,000 \ 415 PSI \ MPa
Electrical Data
Dielectric Breakdown-A > 50 kV
Dielectric Breakdown-D48/50 > 50 kV
Permittivity-A 4.8
Permativity-D24/23 4.8
Dissipation Factor-A 0.017
Dissipation Factor-D24/23 0.018

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