Meeting Industry’s Most Demanding Needs

Industries Served

These needs often include: Components that meet demanding weight and strength requirements, as well as exacting design tolerances Components made from materials with specific insulating and thermal resistance characteristics The know-how to work with the latest, most advanced composite materials Developing programming solutions for unusually challenging and detailed designs – even those that material suppliers may say are impossible


The Automotive industry, like Electronics and Aerospace, thrives on its ability to develop and test innovative designs and new ways to reduce weight, improve strength and enhance performance. At JMJ Profile we are proud of our ability to support those goals:


The Electronics industry is driven, in part, by the need for fast and continuous innovation. We support that need by staying on the leading edge of innovations in our own industry. We do this by adapting the newest software and production systems into our production processes. And we stay current on the ever-changing array of new plastic and composite materials being developed. Our capabilities are perfect for machining parts that:


The parts we make for use in the Medical industry are often small, but we know that patient outcomes, even lives may depend on their ability to perform to specifications. And so does your business. This has helped make us a leading supplier to a number of medical equipment and device manufacturers including Qfix.


Like Aerospace, our unique capabilities are well-aligned with the specific needs of customers manufacturing components for Military grade applications. Whatever the job, we can be relied on to produce high-strength parts to precise tolerances for the most demanding applications, even jobs requiring more exotic composite materials.

Power Distribution

JMJ Profile has been serving the needs of the Power Distribution and Insulation industries for many years. Our capabilities are a perfect match for machining a wide array of flame retardant and arc resistant materials, as well as those that meet other specific performance specifications.

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