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G10 FR4

We are masters of G10-FR4 materials. In fact, our tooling, machining equipment and experience is uniquely aligned with the meticulous requirements of this exacting, high-performance material. We know that not all G10 FR4 material is created equal and work to ensure that the material we use in your project meets all tolerance and performance specifications. We have the software, routing and milling equipment to machine G10 FR4 into virtually any sized or shaped component. All backed by exacting inspection and quality control procedures. And we can offer you world-class turnaround on your project, speeding it through costing, programming, prototype, testing and ultimately finished production.

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G10/FR4 Materials
G10/FR4 Machining
G10/FR4 Specifications

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Delivering Reliable Performance Time After Time. We take quality as seriously as you do. Read more about our strong commitment to quality and to our customers.

Phenolic Materials Resources

If you are interested in learning more about phenolics, and the variety of applications and uses for phenolics such as C/E Canvas and L/E Linen Phenolics, as well as Paper Phenolics like X (Mil-I-24768/12) XX (Mil-I-24768/11) and XXX (Mil-I-24768/10), and Glass Melamine, some of our resource articles below discuss the different characteristics and conditions that may effect the material choices, longevity and durability, for these incredibly versatile materials. We also welcome your questions, and can assist you with consultation, if you would like to contact us, for more information or assistance.

Essential Uses Of G-9 Glass Melamine (Mil-I-24768/1)

C/CE Canvas – The Many Uses Of Phenolics

Phenolic Paper- how it impacts everyday life

Why Mil Spec Matters In Terms of Phenolic Plastics

G10 CNC Machining-Phenolic CNC Machining-Plastic Sheet


Example of phenolic drilling, and CNC routing for electronics manufacturer

Example of phenolic drilling, and CNC routing for electronics manufacturer

Experts in G10/FR4 Machining, Phenolic machining and Plastic Sheet Drilling/Routing, JMJ Profile Inc. specializes in the machining, drilling and routing of sheet stock plastics, composites and soft metals. Our processes are proven to save you both money and time while producing products of superior quality and accuracy. Turn to JMJ Profile Inc. for small or large production runs that are custom tailored to your specific needs!

Our CNC Machining Process
Our use of CNC high-speed multi-spindle drilling and routing machines works as an excellent complement or alternative to processes like die cutting, stamping and laser, water jet or EDM wire cutting. We can produce parts that are not possible to laser cut or water jet, and we can even supply parts while a die is being made. Our fast turnaround promise ensures on-time delivery, every time!

JMJ’s fully automated machine shop utilizes CAD/CAM design from prototype to production to produce superior quality plastic/phenolic parts. Our strict quality control systems, which include certificates of compliance for all materials, ensure you receive products of the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Major applications of our CNC Machined Phenolics & Plastics include:

  • Templates, terminal boards, instrument covers
  • Insulators, signs and displays, machine parts
  • Gaskets, faceplates, back planes
  • PGA sockets, shields, spacers
  • Fixtures, bushings, washers

Our specialized parts can be found in semi-conductors produced by firms such as Motorola and Intel and in military hardware manufactured by Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Bombardier Transportation. Our clients also include Aegis Systems, the U.S. Navy and NASA.

Recent News

Top 7 Industries that Rely Upon Phenolics Machining

Top 7 Industries that Rely Upon Phenolics Machining

Parts made using phenolics machining are known for their wide array of benefits - chief among them being their exacting design tolerances, their ability to keep up with even the most demanding weight and strength requirements, and their support for high speed, high...

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