Mission-Critical Parts Drives Need for Better Composite Machining Capabilities

Nov 16, 2016 | G10 FR4, G10 Machining, Materials

Mission-Critical Parts Drives Need for Better Composite Machining Capabilities

The use of composite materials – like the versatile G10/FR4 – has increased in all kinds of applications, across many industries – automotive, aerospace, medical, defense and more. Driving the preference for these materials is a long list of performance benefits:

High-strength to weight ratio
Corrosion resistance
Dimensional stability
High-impact strength
Lighter weight
Radar transparency
Low thermal conductivity
No electrical conductivity

Flexibility to be machined into both tiny components as well as giant ones – like a single piece, 60-foot airplane wing skin
Ability to replace a complex metal assembly with a single part

Thanks to these benefits, composite components are finding their way into more and more mission-critical, life-dependent applications – all requiring demanding dimensional tolerances. For most of these components, machining is the only way to bring them in-line with final specifications, and a flawed plastics machining effort is rarely fixable due to the unforgiving nature of these materials.

Needless to say, this makes who you choose to machine your composite components an increasingly important decision. So, we at JMJ Profile Inc. want you to know this. There are three basic types of companies that machine parts out of composite materials. Those that will tell you, “yes, we can,” but aren’t well set up to do it. Those that have the right kind of systems and equipment. And then those who also have the creativity and experience to find and program a fast, low-cost machining solution and then deliver the job perfectly to specifications. You want that third kind of company.

JMJ Profile is that third kind of company. We’ve been focused on the niche plastic composite machining business for over 20 years. We have our own proprietary systems and equipment. We are expert at taking your specifications and quickly programming smarter, innovative machining solutions. And we have the case studies to back that up, like this project we did for NASA.

If you would like to learn more or have an RFQ, please call us at 856.767.3930 or use our contact form.

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