Plastic Parts Machining

When it comes to machining plastic materials, you have a lot of options. Plastic can be milled and turned using traditional machine tools, or it can be cut using a CNC lathe or mill. If you're looking for speed and precision when creating prototypes or low-volume production runs of parts made from plastic, traditional machining methods will help keep costs down while still providing the accuracy needed.

The process of plastic machining of polymers/plastics and composites involves the use of high-speed, hard steel or carbide cutting tools. Plastics are typically machinable through a high-speed mill that uses abrasive cutters to remove material from the part. In some cases where plastics cannot be machined using this method, it may require a lathe to perform similar operations on parts.

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Plastic Parts Machining Examples

JMJ Profile is a plastic parts machining expert with over 25 years experience in service the New Jersey and South East Pennsylvania regions. Make JMJ Profile your source for plastic machined and milled plastic parts. Because of the equipment and expertise we possess we are able to minimize waste, and produce plastic parts for our customers in record time, and can handle very large quantity orders without the hassles or time delays of extensive lead times. We are experts at maximizing the number plastic parts produced per piece of material, so that not only are we producing more parts more quickly, but not wasting material, and creating more unused materials, and this ends up saving our customers money in the long run. It’s better for business, it’s better for the environment, and it’s better for our customers. It’s a win – win – win situation.

Our CNC machines are state of the art and we have engineered robotic solutions to be able to produce the highest yields of machined plastic parts for many of our customers. We are always seeking to improve and expand our capabilities and push the edge of what is possible in the world of machined plastic parts. To this end, we have an engineering team that is second to none, and we are constantly upgrading our systems and software to run at peak efficiency. If there’s a way to do something better, we are going to find it, and if it didn’t exist before, we are going to engineer it, and build it. We are sometimes called upon by our customers to help solve other engineering and materials problems unrelated to the parts we produce for them. We welcome you to look through some of the examples of our work below, and then contact us, so we can quote a project for you. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to work with us!

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