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Jul 12, 2017 | News, Plastics Machining, Rail

It’s safe to say that without plastics machining, the world around us would undoubtedly look a lot different than it does today. But even going beyond the obvious applications – like the breakthrough electronic devices and medical components that are only possible through the careful application of plastics – they play an important role in nearly every area of our lives, too. Case in point: when the rail industry needs to keep performance high, down-time low and stay on track (pun intended), they turn to plastics solutions providers to help get the job done.

Plastics Machining and the Rail Industry: Innovation By Design

One of the major ways that plastics machining comes through for the rail industry has to do with railcars. Plastics are regularly used to create a better experience for end users, like by the creation of unique railcar bathroom modules. For something like this, the technique checks a lot of different boxes all at the same time. For starters, they’re able to create a solution build with a very specific environment in mind. They’re also able to help rail operators reduce their own costs WITHOUT impacting either quality or functionality.

Plastics applications are used in a wide range of different environments across the rail industry, including but not limited to ones like high speed trains, rapid transit trains that cover small, localized areas, underground trains and even in freight transport.

In many ways, plastics machining applications form the very foundation upon which the rail industry is built on. Consider the benefits of the types of polymers at play – not only do they offer excellent resistance to fatigue and a broad temperature use, they’re also perfect for situations where tearing, creep and abrasion are possibilities. Train cars and other rail environments are in essentially constant use, which makes qualities like these very valuable indeed.

To that end, plastics machining is the perfect way to not only allow the rail industry to continue to innovate, but to also develop the types of high performance components that will dutifully stand the test of time. Railways are more than “just another” method of public transportation. They’re how people get too and from work as safely and as securely as possible. They carry us across the country or into the arms of loved ones. They offer an invaluable service to millions upon millions of people each year. When you look at things from that perspective, there really is no alternative.

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At JMJ Profile, Inc., we deeply believe in the true power that plastics machining brings to the table for a wide range of different industries – with the rail industry being just one notable example. Plastics are great because they’re malleable. With a little creativity, experimentation and a healthy dose of innovation, we’re able to provide meaningful solutions for clients to accomplish all of their needs – whether those needs involve keeping passenger trains up to standard or sending astronaut into outer space.

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