Beyond Just a Plastics Machining Company - Extra Services That Make a Difference

Yes, JMJ Profile is an experienced and highly capable plastics machining company, but that’s far from all we do for our customers. Our customers demand the best in precision machined parts for their projects’ needs. We’re very proud to be able to work with some of the leading companies in the world, to produce the high quality components, and parts, to help them with their work. Many of our customers also rely on us to help them with some of our other services that go “above and beyond.”

Here are a few of our additional services that go beyond plastic machining.

Design and Engineering and Consulting

Having our experienced engineering staff help with the machining requirements can help ensure that the customer receives exactly what they need. In many cases we can produce all of their drawing files as well as their final plastic components for use in the design phase and in the manufacturing (machining ) phase.

At JMJ Profile we create machining programs from customer supplied CAD files as well as raw drawings. Our expert plastics machining engineers can assist with our customers’ plans, and can work from a simple drawing to complete a complex file for creating what our customers want. JMJ Profile accepts many different design formats. A few examples include DXF, HPL, EPS, and DWG file types.

Hardware Installation

JMJ Profile can install a wide range of hardware to many of the materials we machine, in-house. In addition to machining the customer’s part we also can install many different types of hardware specific to the customers needs. A few examples include:
Standoffs broaching
Clinch nuts
Standoffs flare mount
Rails, handles, boxes
And other customer-supplied hardware components

Silk Screen Printing on Parts

JMJ Profile also provides silkscreening on the parts we machine. From customer supplied artwork files we can silkscreen to both a commercial and Mil spec standard. This can help for branding, or for instructional elements, as well as labeling elements. Keeping this all in-house at one location where your parts are machined means quicker parts manufacturing, and less shipping expense, as well as less production management headaches for using different vendors. Typically we print in black or white ink, but can also print in other colors when requested.

Hand Assembly

Many of the customers we work with would like us to also assemble their parts. This is a popular service providing our customers with not only the machining of their parts but also attachment with another part or component that the customer provides. Having this capability in-house creates a seamless workflow that provides superior results, and saves time.

FAI – Inspection Reports

JMJ Profile provides our customers with First Article Inspection Reports. Using our state of the art OGP Smartscope, JMJ provides our customers with the peace of mind that the first article is good to go, and that all the rest will follow its lead. Demanding specifications are met with precision crafted machined plastic parts that satisfy the project’s needs. Our FAI Inspection Reports are a point of pride for our shop, and make all the difference in helping our customers succeed in their projects.

Plastic Raw Materials

Continuing on with the theme of meeting our customers’ needs, JMJ Profile also sources and supplies raw materials for many of our customer’s projects. JMJ Profile will provide many of these raw materials for the parts machining project, or as finishing materials. Sometimes a finished component in a different size or in a different material is needed. We can source any material that the project calls for, or supply it from our stock. We’ll take the headache out of sourcing materials for our customers, so that we can quickly provide customers with parts that they need to get their work done.

Cold Bending

Cold bending is the bending of a material without the application of heat to soften it. Some ductile materials can be bent in this manner without fracturing. JMJ Provides cold bending to customers who need it. Typical materials JMJ Profile will cold bend include Polycarbonate, Vulcanized fiber, Nomex, Acrylic, and Aluminum.

Materials Consulting

Our plastics machining can produce incredible results. But if the material is the wrong choice then there can be great problems later, in the field. We like to provide out customers with materials consulting to make sure they are getting the best material for their applications. This can include helping identify their intended use for the material, as well as materials that will accomplish their desired function. Some materials are more resilient than others, and some have different electrical properties, or may be more difficult to machine. We can provide over 25 years of experience in working with all the different types of materials that can help make the project a success, and a lasting solution.

A list of plastic machining materials we work with regularly, and can provide consulting for includes: ABS; G10/FR4; Linen L, LE; PVC; Acetals; G10 non FR; Nomex; Tectron; Acrylic; G11, FR5; Nylatron; Torlon®; C/ CE; G11 non FR; Nylon; UHMW; Canvas CYB; G11; Peek®; Ultem; Duratron Polyimide; GPO Materials; Polycarbonate; Vespel; G3; HDPE; Polypropylene; X,XX; G5; G9; HT – ESD; Polystyrene; XX,XXX; G7; Kydex; and PTFE

These are just some of the other services that we can provide in addition to our standard plastics machining services. We invite you to contact us if we can help you meet your needs.

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