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Nov 26, 2021 | Composite Machining, G10 Machining, News

We’ve written extensively in the past on the many merits of the unique physical properties and characteristics of G10, and FR4, for producing precision parts to our customers’ exacting specifications and end-use needs. One thing we’ve not talked much about, are the unique requirements that call for either drilling of G10, or milling of G10 to produce some of the other types of interesting projects for some of our customers.

Milling for G10 and FR4 Materials

Milling is the machining process of using rotary cutters to remove material from a work piece. To better understand how we can service the request of our customers to mill G10, it’s important to first understand how this composite material is manufactured. G10 is comprised of approximately 90% fiberglass, and 10% epoxy resin. Allowing for some variation, the fibers are arranged at a 90° angle in a 0.1″×0.2″ grid pattern. These glass fillers are highly abrasive and present some difficult challenges when it comes to cutting the material with any type of tool. The first challenge is the speed at which the milling bit must spin in order to function properly. Since there is not much elasticity to the material, it will not expand and push away from the cutting tool as it rotates. Therefore, the bit must rotate significantly faster than similar materials such as aluminum or steel would in an effort maintain pressure contact with the tool and allow for successful removal of material. The amount of speed required depends on several factors, including:

– Profile of cut (flat, cylindrical or angular)
– Speed at which material is fed into cutting area
– Material thickness and hardness

Drilling of G10 and FR4 Materials

JMJ Profile operates high-speed 120 K multi-spindle drilling machines which accurately produce parts to very tight tolerances for drilling G10 and FR4, and a wide variety of other materials as well. In the case of drilling G10, it may be even more critical to understand the characteristics of the tricky G10 material since often the goal is to drill a very small hole, or a series of small holes in an area where there is a big difference between the hardness of both the metal cutting tool and G10 materials. In other words, if you use a drill bit to create and “punch” through a small hole in G10, the energy from friction between parts that are in contact can build up and this will effect the speed at which you can produce it; also the dimensions of the hole itself may be subject to minute variability, producing something that’s not exactly to specifications. This is mitigated by fully understanding what we’re doing when we take on projects requiring drilling holes in G10. We use certain speeds and approaches (based on thickness of materials, hole sizes, and approach angles) and types of drills we use in our production, that we have custom developed over the years. And these approaches have reduced waste, and produced parts on-time and on-budget for our customers for many years. Please review our drilling tolerances and quality control capabilities.

The Secret is in Our Experience

JMJ Profile has developed several proprietary techniques for meeting the specifications of our customers’ projects over the past 25 years, which have helped us stay very competitive in the work that we perform. Many of our customers have been with us for over a decade, and continue to use our services because we provide fair pricing, speedy turnarounds, but perhaps most importantly, expert production of their parts projects, so they know they are getting the exact part they need, and that it will perform in the field as expected.

We’re in it for the Long Haul for Our Customers’ Success!

From Aerospace to Automotive, to Medical, Electronics and more; JMJ Profile has developed a vast toolbox of skills with key customers over the years.

We Provide Solutions for Advanced Composite Material Machining

JMJ Profile, Inc. is a G10 material machining and parts manufacturing expert; specializing in the production of composite materials parts for a variety of specialty applications. No project is too difficult for JMJ Profile. Contact us with your specifications for a quote on your project now.

We encourage you to browse through some of the other recent articles on our website, www.jmjprofile.com/blog to learn more about our expertise and experience in the plastics machining industry.

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