How Plastics Machining is Unlocking a World of Better Medical Care

Mar 19, 2018 | Machining, Medical, News

In the past, we’ve covered the myriad of different ways in which plastics machining has changed our lives – for the better and for all time. We’ve discussed the critical role that plastics machining plays in terms of research and development at NASA. We’ve gone over the many different ways in which plastics machining helps to keep the rail industry on track. The consumer electronics industry, the military – you name it, plastics machining is there.

But one of the most common applications of plastics machined parts and components is also among the most important: those in the healthcare industry. Simply put, plastics machining is helping to unlock a world of better medical care in a host of unique ways that are more than worth exploring.

Plastics Machining and Implants

One of the major ways that plastics machining materials and techniques are being used to unlock a world of better medical care comes down to the ways in which they’re making a new generation of implants possible. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines a medical implant as any device or tissue that is placed either inside the body or directly on the surface of a patient’s skin. A large number of the items that fall into this category are actually prosthetics, which are designed to replace missing body parts and restore functionality to the patient in question.

When designing implants, professionals need to take into consideration not only the thermal, strength and long-term wear requirements – but also the very specific orthopedic environments to which that implant may eventually become exposed. Thanks to plastics machining, medical implant companies can not only design implants that work better and last longer, but that are also smaller, less invasive and less likely to fail overall.

Not only that, but because many of these plastics machined implants are replacing metal or metallic medical devices, they often provide both increased comfort and the types of highly specialized solutions that people need to live much healthier, more normal lives.

Other Medical Care Benefits

Even when you go beyond the topic of implants and into the larger healthcare world in general, there’s a reason why plastics machining components and techniques have steadily made their way into medical care more and more over the last decade alone. Plastics machining has not only helped significantly reduce medical costs, but they’ve also reduced the risk of infection to patients, have contributed to a significantly increased quality of life for many people and have generally saved lives all over the globe.

Plastics machining has also been responsible for a dramatic new era of innovation in health care, particularly when it comes to the types of medical devices that are being used. Everything from modern day pacemakers to stents, joint replacement devices and more are not far more effective due to the ability of plastics machining to help create even the smallest and most complex components.

At JMJ Profile, we believe in the huge range of different benefits that only plastics machining can provide – not only to the healthcare industry, but to just about every area of our lives that you can think of. But when it comes to something as mission critical as healthcare – guaranteeing that people get the treatment they need or the quality implants that they can depend on – the stakes could not possibly be higher. Designers, device manufacturers and healthcare professionals around the world are empowered by plastics machining, which ultimately helps to create the best possible situation for us all.

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