The Biggest Brands That Wouldn’t Exist Without Plastics Machining

Sep 21, 2017 | Machining, News, Technology

The Biggest Brands That Wouldn’t Exist Without Plastics Machining

Plastics machining doesn’t just help companies build better products, all while increasing sales and profits at the same time. To be honest, a lot of the biggest brands in the world simply wouldn’t exist today (or certainly not in their current form) without the benefits that only plastics machining can bring to the table.

Apple and the iPhone

Apple is more than just a technology company at this point – it’s also one of the most powerful brands in human history. The original iPhone release is the stuff that legends are made of, as it ushered in a bold new mobile age and essentially changed the world for all time and for the better. But regardless of whether you’re hoping to be one of those lucky individuals that manages to snag an iPhone X pre-order sometime before the spring of 2018 (seriously – good luck with that), you should know that absolutely none of it would have been possible without plastics machining.

The iPhone X (and its cousins the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) introduces the A11 Bionic processor to the world, the “most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone.” Without plastics machining, Apple wouldn’t be able to come anywhere near the six cores with 4.3 billion transistors that the A11 brings to the table.

Samsung and the Smart TV Revolution

If you had to make a list of some of the companies that were responsible for bringing the concept of “smart TVs” to the forefront, Samsung’s name would undoubtedly be right at the top. They’ve been making Internet-connected TVs look easy for a decade, with each model getting thinner and more powerful than the last.

Many people don’t realize that Samsung (and companies that produce similar products, like LG) rely heavily on plastics machining to make all of this possible. Standard and custom optical components in injection molded plastics in polymers like PMMA, COC and COP are why that shiny new LED screen is so incredibly bright, and why that 4K television looks like you’re looking through a window (and didn’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy).

GE Healthcare and Your Quality of Life

Finally, we have providers like GE Healthcare – not to mention others like Medtronics, Siemens and more. GE Healthcare has long been hard at work making technology not just accessible to healthcare providers, but more focused on the quality of healthcare they’re able to provide as a result. Ultrasound and radiography equipment, along with resources like magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, are all changing the way people receive mission-critical care when they need it the most – and absolutely none of the advancements that we’ve seen in this field over the last ten years would have been possible without plastics machining and its unparalleled level of malleability.

With plastics machining, providers like GE Healthcare can make equipment that is better suited for specific healthcare tasks that are more powerful, more efficient and more affordable than ever – all guaranteeing that people receive the lifesaving treatment they need when they need it the most.

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