The JMJ Difference: Your Source for Phenolic Machining in New Jersey

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The JMJ Difference: Your Source for Superior Quality Phenolic Machining in New Jersey and Beyond

Phenolic plastics are a specific type of material created by impregnating layers of a substrate with resin. The final product is then formed via a unique combination of heat and pressure, both of which will vary depending on the material and the end application you’re talking about.

That resin will largely be dictated by the requirements of the final application you’re trying to meet. G10 FR4 (Mil-I-24768/27), for example, is often used in situations like screw terminal strips because of its high levels of malleability and durability. XX (Mil-I-24768/11) uses paper reinforcement and a phenolic resin in a way that makes it ideal for electrical insulation, particularly in dry conditions.

But regardless of the materials you’re working with or even the goal you’re trying to accomplish, the hardworking experts at JMJ Profile will stand by your side every step of the way. Phenolics are nothing if not malleable, which is why we will always work with you to guarantee that the materials in your project meet ALL of your tolerance and performance specifications.

Our Phenolic Machining Solutions

At JMJ Profile, we consider ourselves to be more than just phenolic experts in South Jersey. We’re the partner you need when you need it the most, capable of working with a wide range of different materials that include but are certainly not limited to ones like:

G10-FR4 (Mil-I-24768/27)
G11 (Mil-I-24768/28)
Linen L (Mil-I-24768/15)
Linen LE Mil-I-24768/13)
G5 (Mil-I-24768/8)
G9 (Mil-I-24768/1)
GPO 1 (Mil-I-24768/4)
GPO 3 (Mil-I-24768/6)
XX (Mil-I-24768/11)
C Canvas (Mil-I-24768/16)
CE Canvas (Mil-I-24768/14)

And Many, Many Others. (See All Materials Specifications)

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to cement our reputation as the best provider of quality solutions for phenolics machining in South Jersey, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We have the software, hardware, routing and milling equipment required to machine phenolic materials into any sized or shaped component that you have in mind.

Superior Phenolic Machining Services for Superior Clients

But we believe what really separates JMJ Profile from so many other companies in the area is the superior level of customer service that only we can provide. Everything we do is backed by industry leading inspection and quality control processes. Our entire operation is literally built to offer you world-class turnaround times on any project of any size, moving your materials along through programming, prototyping, testing and into finished production as quickly, as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

For the last two decades, we’ve worked closely with organizations like NASA, Bombardier, Tyco Electronics and Teradyne on projects of critical importance – guaranteeing a new level of quality and reliability along the way. We’re honored for the opportunity to bring the same level of innovation and ingenuity to your next project, too.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can benefit your organization as phenolic experts in South Jersey, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, or if you’re just interested in learning more information about why phenolic machining is the right choice for your next project, please don’t delay – contact JMJ Profile today.

JMJ Profile are experts in G10 Machining. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation on your next plastics machining project.

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