G10 and FR4 Machining with Precision and Accuracy

Oct 28, 2021 | G10 FR4, G10 Machining, Machining, MIL-I-24768 27, News

JMJ Profile provides the best results for our customers’ mission critical parts made from G10 AND FR4 by providing expert machining with precision and accuracy. We all want the highest quality when working with precision materials like G10 FR4, and we all want the best results for the machining of the parts we need for our most important projects. This article covers a few ways how we get the best results from the equipment and from plastic machining procedures we employ for our customers.

First, let’s look at what factors lead to the machining of parts with the correct size, geometry and finish for a particular application.

  • Material: G10 or FR4.
  • Machines: Tool room lathe, Swiss type engine lathe, Vertical turning machine.
  • Processes: Turning and boring to machining with precision and accuracy.

It’s always worth planning ahead so that final parts dimensions and finishes are accurate and conform to the specifications customers demand. Working closely with our customers and engineers, we always pre-plan the project carefully with them to provide consultation and be sure that all are on board with the same plan and expectations. The best plan is one where all parties involved have openly communicated goals and deliverables. We succeed when every detail has been determined and carefully thought of and expertly communicated, and our customers have come to expect our detail-oriented and hands-on approach to their projects at JMJ Profile.

In this series of articles below we have used the latest technologies from the best tool manufacturers, so please take time to read some of our other articles as well because they are packed with useful information.

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G10/ FR4, is a laminate sheet comprised of a flame retardant epoxy resin and a woven fiberglass substrate. This grade qualifies to NEMA FR4 and MIL-I-24768/27.

Below are some recent results from some of our machining projects. We also provide expert machining for many other materials for plastic machining in addition to G10 FR4.

We welcome your inquiries and your projects. You can always send us project drawings and specifications to get an accurate quote for any of your CNC parts manufacturing needs. We are here to help!

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